Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Builder Photos & Videos

Send me your shots and video links and I'll post them here. 

Here's Austin from Thales Academy in Apex NC showing off his Osprey, with which he bagged second place in his Sci Oly Regional competition after only a quick half hour of big-room practice!  Way to go, Austin!  Great  job building, great job flying.  (Previous first photo misbehaving--Will repost as soon as possible).


From Richard Ranney--Beautiful examples of the Meadowlark, with some nice vertical stab, wingtip & propeller mods, and his Playboy--gorgeous covering job--looks like he's flying sans landing gear--bet it flies great!  Here are some links to his two threads in Hippocket Aeronautics also.  Richard not only did an amazing job on both kits, he provided some excellent design & engineering feedback as well.  Thanks, Richard!



Here's a couple of clips taken this past week.  First--the new one--a semi-scale version of the pre-war German Weihe sailplane.  Rubber-powered, of course!

And another short one showing the Sheldon (TSA Kit)  letting down at the end of a flight.

Electric mods to Ellipsis and Meadowlark by John Krouse of Rockville, MD--Very nice, John!

Here's a great video of a Sheldon--also by Jeff Goodwin--making a nice ROG flight launched by a young flyer.

Sheldon video link:

Here's a video shot by Jeff Goodwin of a Playboy making the rounds at the Colorado Springs City Aud with an ROG launch.  The funny part's at the end, when the plane completely drops its motor then flies into a wall.  Oh well!  For those new to free flight, it also shows basic winding using a stooge.  There was a lot going on that night.  A play, some English dancing, a birthday party--plus some flying as well!



From Michael Weyna, owner of Stave 28 winery out in California--two shots.  First, his "Napa PBR", and second, his Mountain Lion, with which his son recorded his first OOS (for him and the Mountain Lion, as far as I know!)  Here's his account (I paraphrase a little):  "Well the winder is awesome.  The ML is gone. LOL.  A rookie mistake or just a beautiful flight that was meant to be.  At any rate I really enjoyed the sight of my plane getting smaller and smaller...My son, bless his heart, said, "Look Daddy--it's flying really good!'s higher than the trees!"  I stopped running and started to laugh.  It was a good day at the park.  The park is clearly too small and the plane is clearly very good."  Michael and his son covered their ML in some nice Japanese blue tissue.  Good thing they come in six-packs :)  Give Michael's wine a shot--very nice!

From Bill Lyons--Here are some great shots of his landing gear-equipped Binomial.  Looks cool!  Thanks, Bill

Updated:  Click on the left photo or this link for an excellent Youtube video of Bill's Binomial.

From Gary Hinze--Here are some really great photos from his very thorough (and ongoing) review on the Endless Lift website, as well as a link to a YouTube video he shot of a 55-second outdoor flight.  He's got plans to hit 1 minute (any minute now).

Gary's 55-second flight.  Great job making it land right at your feet!  (Thanks, Gary)

Here's the gang from the Burbank Blacksheep Squadron on the occasion of a Meadowlark contest flown at their April flying session.  Format:  Sum of two best times out of six official flights.  Winning total:  5:53, with a best single flight of 3:08 by Pete Basone, with a film covered model.  Great job, guys!  (Photo provided by Richard Cline.)

Below:  Rick Little of Colorado Springs and his Meadowlark at the May flying session at the City Auditorium.  Rick's somewhat new to indoor FF, and did a great job on his kit.

Here's a couple of in-flight shots of the prototype Split Decision, taken from the upper deck.