Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Dirt Cheap Torque Meter
Get the most out of each flight!

This simple torsion-wire torque meter builds quickly and will immediately change how you wind.  Watch the needle as it comes closer to your rubber's breaking strength.  You'll know just when to stop winding.  Most of the time, anyway!  Includes basswood parts, wire, polyethylene tubing, aluminum crimp--plus a C-clamp!  No soldering required--just a little wire origami.  Directions cover construction as well as how to use the DCTM to help you maximize your loop's potential.

See the DCTM in action!

Intro price $10

Tan Super Sport Rubber 3/32"
Replacement Rubber for most LCP kits 

Fifteen feet.  (Well, actually, I stretch my arms out three times, so it's probably more than that).  Shoot me an email if you have questions.


Tan Super Sport .080"

A great alternative to 3/32"

Is your Vanguard or Tess getting to the ceiling a little too quickly?  Try some smaller sized rubber.  Custom cut for Laser-Cut Planes, for many venues this rubber may be what the doctor ordered.  Fifteen feet.


Tan Super Sport .070"

Even smaller--great for Vanguards and Hawks built right down to weight.

At the Pikes Peak Ceiling Climb this year, P-18 winners were flying even smaller than this, but .070" is a great size to try when you need to tone down the climb and add duration.  This custom cut batch is nominally .070", but I mike it to be slightly larger--maybe .073".  

Again, fifteen feet for $3.00  AWAITING A NEW BATCH--Expected late Feb


15-to-1 Winder

No more winding by hand.  This inexpensive unit does the honors quickly, saving your sanity and keeping you in the air!